What is a Beer Marketeer?

The beverage industry is crowded. We're here to help you stand out. After years of working in the beverage industry, we noticed a need for our online marketing, branding and design skills. Hence, Beer Marketeers was invented with the purpose of providing the beverage sector with quality online marketing, branding, design, and web development work no matter your liquid.

The Team

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.





Casey Stanton


Austin Smythe

Senior Janitor
Brewing Operations

How we work.


We like to get to know you before we initiate any project. We take the time to understand you, your business, your competition, your customers and your goals. This fact gathering is necessary due diligence that becomes the base upon which we will build and complete any successful project.


Once the consumers’ wants and needs are fully understood and internalized, then we go into the ideation phase. We have fun and get wild, but we make sure that there is a diverse portfolio of ideas at the end of the session, ranging from low-hanging fruit to game-changing revolutions. All ideas are captured for inclusion in the final report or even for future work.


Strategy is at the heart of everything we do. The information that we gather in the research and ideation phasesform the basis of a sound strategic plan that will become the blueprint for all activity moving forward. Before we put pen to paper we have to ensure that the strategy aligns with your goals & objectives.


Implementation..the word speaks for itself! This is where "action Jackson" comes in and takes over the project. After thorough research, ideation, and strategizing it's time to begin executing! Implementation covers a variety of activities from simple artwork delivery to the launching of your web site or Facebook fan page. Activities specific to your project can be found in the project agreement.


At the end of the day, we do this to deliver results and provide a return on investment for our clients. We believe in the power of metrics and excel and building in key performance indicators into all of our projects. From the moment a project launches we monitor metrics and adjust accordingly based on performance.